AEGIS wallets bring Bitcoin to the smartwatch

Aegis is bringing new meaning to the term “time is money.” As of September 25th, they have released a Bitcoin wallet for Android Wear, Google’s operating system designed for wearable tech such as smartwatches.

You know what that means, you can now access the power of Bitcoin directly from your timepiece. The phone version of the wallet features continuous updates to display real-time information about bitcoin balance, encryption options through either a password or NFC tags, security options for phone damage or loss, and can send and receive bitcoins. Smartwatch wallets currently lack the ability to send bitcoin.

Aegis Bitcoin Wallet
Aegis Bitcoin Wallet

As more smartwatches debut throughout the upcoming months, more smartwatch bitcoin wallets are sure to be released.

This wallet is open-source on Github and free at the Google Play store.

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