• Open:
    October 1, 2017
  • Deadline:
    November 1, 2017
  • ICOscale:
    not specified
  • Currency:
  • Category:
    Past ICO


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Symbol MDX
Crowdsale opening date 8. Oct 2017
Crowdsale closing date 8. Nov 2017
Concept Modex’s smart contract marketplace will be the glue and pipeline that brings mainstream smart contract apps to the world, in a “ready to go” format. Being built on top of Modex’s existing payment infrastructure (MoneyMail, M3 Payments, & OmniChannel Commerce) will allow for easy and user friendly access to cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.


Members Mihai Ivascu – CEO

Graham Thomas – CSO

Mark Bolsom – Head of Business Development

Paul Mears – CFO

Florin Otto – Head of Product

Alin Iftemi – CIO

Dragos Ilinca – Head of Marketing

Country of origin United Kingdom