• Open:
    July 15, 2017
  • Deadline:
    July 17, 2017
  • ICOscale:
    not specified
  • Currency:
  • Category:
    Past ICO


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Symbol PLR
Crowdsale opening date 15. Jul 2017
Crowdsale closing date 17. Jul 2017
Concept This project owes its existence to the many people who have been supportive of the concepts in the book Pull, to the incredible team of volunteers at 20|30, and to Justin Poirier, who reminded us to let our passion guide us. Pillar is a platform powered by its own native token that will finally fulfill the promise of the personal data locker. Eventually, we believe this wallet will power most devices, including phones, tablets, wearables, cars, buildings, and more. The project will build an open-source, multi-chain wallet that will provide a new digital platform for consumers, companies, and governments.


Members David Siegel – Co-founder/CEO

Tomer Sofinzon, MBA – Co-founder/CRO

Vitor Py – Co-founder/Architect

Yogesh Gaikwad – Co-Founder/Investors relation

Country of origin Switzerland