• Open:
    May 19, 2017
  • Deadline:
    May 25, 2017
  • ICOscale:
    not specified
  • Currency:
  • Category:
    Past ICO


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Symbol SJCX
Crowdsale opening date 19. May 2017
Crowdsale closing date 25. May 2017
Status  Trading
Concept Storj (pronounced: storage) aims to become a cloud storage platform that can’t be censored or monitored, or have downtime. Storj is a platform, cryptocurrency, and suite of decentralized applications that allows users to store data in a secure and decentralized manner. It uses blockchain features like a transaction ledger, public/private key encryption, and cryptographic hash functions for security. Furthermore, it will be way cheaper (10x-to-100x), faster, and more secure than traditional cloud storage services. Storj is working hard to solve data security issues with the help of its own web app, Storj Share, and Libstorj. It is a decentralized, end-to-end encrypted cloud storage that uses blockchain technology and cryptography to secure online files. There is no need to trust a corporation, vulnerable servers, or employees with your files. Storj completely removes trust from the equation.


Members Shawn Wilkinson – Founder & CEO & CTO

Tome Boshevski – Founder & Chief Design Officer

James Prestwich – Founder & COO & CFO

John Quinn – Founder & Chief Development Officer

Country of origin USA