• Open:
    November 27, 2017
  • Deadline:
    March 17, 2018
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    Past ICO


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Crowdsale closing date17. Dec 2017

Symbol VLB
Crowdsale opening date 27. Nov 2017
Crowdsale closing date 8. Mar 2018
Concept VLB Tokens streamline the $1.8 trillion vehicle lifecycle industry. Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain creates cost saving and operations optimization opportunities for auto industry players. Value of these opportunities exceeds the value of VLB Tokens at ICO by multiple orders of magnitude. Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain will ultimately be fully decentralized and will be deployed by CarFix in cooperation with QIWI Blockchain Technologies (NASDAQ: QIWI). CarFix, the issuer of VLB Tokens, is a transaction platform that is reshaping one of the largest consumer industries in the world – auto sale, repair & maintenance. CarFix, just after 18 months since creation, has already brought a significant degree of order and transparency into the industry. CarFix has developed and implemented software that establishes algorithm based final fixed prices for all key repair and maintenance works. CarFix has support of institutional investors.
Price per token: 1 ETH = 650VLB
VLB bonus for early investors
Token price will be changed every 5 days (4 stages in total)
Stage 1 – 27 Nov – 1 Dec – Base price 650 VLB Tokens for 1 ETH plus 195 VLB Tokens free of charge – a total of 845 Tokens for 1 ETH;
Stage 2 – 2 Dec – 6 Dec – Base price 650 VLB Tokens for 1 ETH plus 130 VLB Tokens free of charge – a total of 780 VLB Tokens for 1 ETH;
Stage 3 – 7 Dec 11 Dec – Base price 650 VLB Tokens for 1 ETH plus 65 VLB Tokens free of charge – total of 715 VLB Tokens for 1 ETH;
Stage 4 – 12 Dec – 17 Dec – Base price for 650 VLB Tokens for 1 ETH.
Min bid: 1 ETH


Members OSKAR HARTMANN, Co-founder
PAUL NAZAROV, Co-founder
PETER KALAMBET, Blockchain Development Team Leader
ILYAS TAITSENOV, Head of Business Development
DENIS TANAEV, Head of Product Development
MAKSIM KURGUZOV, Head of Marketing
SERGEY LUSHIN, Operations Officer
Country of origin Estonia