Bitcoin payroll services make it easier to introduce cryptocurrency to the masses

One of the major theories about supposedly slow Bitcoin adoption supposes that while Bitcoin is constantly being accepted by more and more merchants, nothing is being done that really incentivizes the general public to get involved. A new crypto service is making it easier to introduce newcomers with the introduction of what surely will be an important part of a prosperous Bitcoin ecosystem: Bitcoin payroll.

Currently offered through and in development at Bitpay, a successful Bitcoin payroll provider would be poised to effect major inroads into the general public for the cryptocurrency because it would allow employers to easily and cheaply implement Bitcoin payroll; possibly attracting new talent to their firms. Also, Bitcoin payroll can deliver quicker payroll processing, minutes instead of days, and at a lower cost than traditional payroll.

Bitcoin payroll services
Bitwage: Bitcoin’s first formal payroll service

Many companies have already taken up Bitcoin payroll through Bitwage. Some of these companies include CoinReport, Coinsetter, Freshpay, Rocketbox, College Cryptocurrency Network, and Morse Tax.

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