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Repo Blockchain Set to Release Repo Coin

For Release March 12, 2018 Contact: Osrie Khaled:   Repo Blockchain Set to Release Repo Coin For many people, the cryptocurrency market seems far out of reach. Repo Blockchain is about to change that. The Repo Coin project is not fundraising through an ICO, but plans on allowing participants to earn their tokens instead. This avoids the […]

Introducing the Shift Card

Today, we’re excited to introduce the first US-issued bitcoin debit card, the Shift Card. The Shift Card is a VISA debit card that currently allows Coinbase users in twenty-four states in the U.S. to spend bitcoin online and offline at over 38 million merchants worldwide. Merchant adoption has come a long way over the past […]

ICO Shedule’s crypto economy framework

Cryptoconomy: An international economy which uses a decentralized cryptocurrency as the medium of exchange. As  cryptocurrencies  have  begun  to  revolutionize  the world’s economies,  it  has  proven  difficult  to  find  a  consensus  on  what  the  cryptoconomy  exactly  is  and   how  works. because  of  this,  virtfund  has decided that  it  is  important  to  provide  a  page […]

Poloniex becomes the first well-known exchange to add Stellar

As of August 11th, you will be able to trade Stellar on through the STR/BTC trading pair. Stellar, which has been the topic of considerable hype since its release, is expected to be added to many of the major crypto exchanges in the near future. Stellar bulls hope for increased buying pressure around these […]

Bitcoin lending: a futuristic technology fills a very current need

Blockchain technology has found another implementation in decentralized finance: person-to-person Bitcoin loans. With interest rates above 20% in many parts of the world, P2P Bitcoin loans provide a needed alternative with two important features leading to their success: fiat independence and the ability for loans to easily be transacted over the Internet. In order to […]

Circle is officially open to the world

After months in a beta-testing stage, where only a select few users could gain access to its services, the much-awaited opening of Circle to global consumers has arrived. According to Circle’s about page, “Circle is a consumer finance company focused on transforming the world economy with secure, simple, and less costly technology for storing and […]

Bitcoin payroll services make it easier to introduce cryptocurrency to the masses

One of the major theories about supposedly slow Bitcoin adoption supposes that while Bitcoin is constantly being accepted by more and more merchants, nothing is being done that really incentivizes the general public to get involved. A new crypto service is making it easier to introduce newcomers with the introduction of what surely will be […]

AEGIS wallets bring Bitcoin to the smartwatch

Aegis is bringing new meaning to the term “time is money.” As of September 25th, they have released a Bitcoin wallet for Android Wear, Google’s operating system designed for wearable tech such as smartwatches. You know what that means, you can now access the power of Bitcoin directly from your timepiece. The phone version of […]

EBAY and PAYPAL to split

eBay, Inc. has just announced plans to spin-off their payment processing unit, PayPal a giant in its industry. The Board of Directors for eBay, cited maximizing “strategic focus and flexibility” as the underlying reasons for the split. Despite the break, eBay and PayPal have announced plans to preserve their relationship with each other through “arms-length […]