CryptoTalk.News is a Cryptocurrency news Vlog hosted by Steve Nelson Jr. There are many cryptocurrency Youtube Channel, but CryptoTalk.News is one of the only channels hosted by a former FM Radio host. We provide first hand news, and interviews that you won’t see on other Youtube Channels. ICO’s are hot right now, but if you’re […]

What are Bitcoins?

What is Bitcoin? The most common question by far. When people hear about Bitcoin they ask: “What exactly is it?” We’re going to explain it here, starting with the basics and working all the way up to the super advanced stuff. We’re also Going to provide plenty of links to useful resources where you can […]

Cryptocurrency Is Still In Its’ Infancy

It’s easy to complain about cryptocurrency and the speed by which this new movement is developing. However, it’s probably not fair or realistic to be too tough on this brand new sector. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Credit card processors like Visa and Mastercard took decades to convince people to use their services. It […]

The State Of The Altcoins

Altcoins are chugging along, albeit at a slower than expected rate as the year approaches its’ end. It appears that some of the enthusiasm for alternative cryptocurrency has evaporated. After a year of failure, scams, and miscellaneous disappointments this should come as no surprise to any apt observers. Cryptocurrency is not readily established and known among the […]

Where’s The New Business, Altcoin People?

The time has come for the general smugness and complacency that has the citizens of Altcoin City in a near-permanent state of suspension to leave forever. Altcoins are essentially NOWHERE after years of investment and despite much gnashing of teeth and loud proclamations of greatness from insiders. I’m going to quote something my first boss in sales used to say […]

YPool Wallet Makes Managing Multiple Cryptocurrencies Easy

After a person has been around the cryptocurrency scene for any length of time they’ll quickly realize they have become involuntary wallet collectors! Alternative cryptocurrencies all use their own wallets, which makes day-to-day currency management a real drag on time and resources. Even worse, if you download the wallets to your local machine you end up […]

How To Explain Cryptocurrency To Newbies

We were all new once. Depending on our level of understanding and experience we may have quickly caught on to the concepts of cryptocurrency. However, if we put ourselves in other people’s shoes, it’s easy to understand how some people may not quickly grasp what crypto is and what it can do for them. Educating […]

Bitcoin: the effect of 20MB blocks on bitcoin’s value proposal

Part 1: The secondary, and then primary, way of spending money on the internet. Bitcoin will slowly gain traction as a valid way to spend money across the internet. There are two chiefs reasons for this; one economical and the other psychological. First, in keeping with the main focus of the site, let’s go with […]

DogeCoin may soon allow merge-mining with Litecoin

The Dogecoin Development Team, in an effort to boost the hashrate and prevent a future 51% attack, will soon be implementing merge-mining capabilities with Litecoin. To implement this, Dogecoin will be transitioning from its current proof-of-work algorithm to an auxiliary proof-of-work algorithm. The auxiliary proof-of-work algorithm will enable any scrypt coin with a higher difficulty […]