Overstock employees can now get paid in Bitcoin

Overstock, Inc. (OSTK), the Bitcoin-friendly company who will be holding their initial public offering (IPO) on the blockchain through Counter party, has taken another major step towards bitcoin today. According to a press release from the company, Overstock employees will now have the choice of being paid in bitcoin.

This is just another step towards cryptocurrency for the discount online retailer. Starting in January, Overstock.com has been accepting bitcoin as a form of payments. Since that time, more than $3 million worth of bitcoin has been spent on the site, proving the idea profitable.

To add viability to this option for employees, Overstock will also be installing a CoinOutlet bitcoin ATM in its headquarters. The ATM will feature “bank-grade security” while allowing Overstock employees to buy or sell bitcoin in exchange for U.S. Dollars.

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