The 3 Aegis Bitcoin Wallet Differentiators

The 3 Aegis Bitcoin Wallet Differentiators:

  •  Top-notch local security mechanisms and peripheral security controls that utilize external devices
  • SECURE & PRIVACY preserving Bitcoin wallet backup and restore features
  • A reliable and easy to use “Active Bitcoin Wallet”
 Let’s elaborate:

1) It is known that the mobile device itself is insecure and open to threats such as: various OS vulnerabilities, connection to the internet leverages the lather, interaction with / between various apps on device introduces malware threats, a device that gets lost / stolen, etc.
With that said, Aegis wallet’s security features protect your funds / Bitcoins in the event of phone loss, theft, or malware / hacking attacks. This is achieved using strong crypto protocols and the splitting / sharing of the wallet’s private decryption key.

2) Aegis has secure and private preserving backup and restore features. In the case that you forget your password (for example), your funds aren’t lost.
We have a secure protocol that lets you retrieve your Bitcoins / funds without exposing sensitive data to us and / or 3rd parties.
*This is a major improvement relative to other existing solutions.
We’ll also improve these features in the future as we consider them important – at the end of the day, no one wants to lose money.

aegis wallet

3) Unique design, easy to use interface, needed features.
We’ve conducted various meetings / workshops with potential users in order to understand how they’d like their ideal wallet to look like and behave. Aegis Bitcoin wallet is the result of this process – we’ve listened to the wisdom of the crowd.
Also, it’s free and open-source.

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