Vericoin’s veri-own credit card: Vericard

In partnership with Coinsis, you will soon be able to use Vericoin straight from your credit card. Coinsis has already completed beta testing for its Bitcoin credit card. It can be used at real world locations such as gas stations and the grocery store.

VeriCoin proudly presents the new VERICARD

The credit card will add the ability to retract Vericoin payments, if the payment has not been claimed by the receiver. In addition to the credit card, Coinsis will also offer “…a secure, online Vericoin wallet.” The Coinsis wallet will allow its users to send and recieve Vericoin by email, send and receive Vericoin by VRC address, send and receive Vericoin by QR code, and retract Vericoin payments if they’ve not been claimed yet.

There has been no discernible response in the price of Vericoin. which has continued to decline after the announcement.

The release date for the Vericoin credit card has not been announced.

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