ViorCoin: making calls from the blockchain – One of the first ICOs

As blockchain technology improves, more and more innovative solutions can be deployed using it. Well, it appears that it is now coming time to integrate all of the communications infrastructure. Crypto-technologies such as Maidsafe and BitCloud are hoping to revolutionize the internet by securing it across a decentralized network. Viorcoin wants to take this one step further, bringing decentralization to phones.

Viorcoin is very much modeled like a decentralized VoIP company. Striving to replicate the services that these companies offer, VIOR introduces several features, as well as replicating some from already established coins. For instance, viorcoin allows for encrypted messaging directly through its wallet, a feature already established in coins such as NXTTY or GEMZ.

VIOR lets you send and receive both video and voice calls over a decentralized VoIP (Voice-over-Internet-Protocol). These calls are made directly through the wallet and allow for anonymous communication over the decreasingly anonymous internet.

Also, VIOR users are now able to register an actual phone number so that users can call and receive calls from cell phones and landlines directly into their digital wallets. This is done through a gateway subscription service that allows VIOR wallets to register anonymous phone numbers for a small fee.

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