What you need to know about Viacoin

Since this article will be somewhat longer than average, I’ve attempted to place the most important information at the top and used scannable, bolded topics to make it easier to find what you’re looking for

Viacoin (VIA) has been showing very strong upward price movement since its launch, more than doubling since just the beginning of August. Claiming it to be “the future of crypto-currency,” the developer has big plans in their sights. What exactly is Viacoin, though? And why has it become such a big name in crypto-currency?

Specifications: Viacoin is a Scrypt coin utilizing a POW algorithm with a cap of 92 million coins. It has a block time of 24 seconds with difficulty retargeting on every new block. According to its BitcoinTalk announcement thread, Viacoin has no premine or instamine, with mining rewards beginning on block 10,002. A 10 million coin presale using a proportional bid system (% invested relative to other investors is % of coins received) closed July16th with a bid price of .00006102 BTC/VIA.

ViaCoin Cryptocurrency

Clearinghouse Protocol: The Clearinghouse protocol, by providing an interface for building applications on top of the blockchain, is the crux of what has brought Viacoin so much attention since its announcement. The protocol “…allows the building of fully decentralized exchanges, issuing of new currencies, asset tracking, betting, digital voting, reputation management and even form the basis of fully decentralized market places.” (BitcoinTalk) The short block time is necessary for the viability of Clearinghouse.

Exchanges and Pools: Viacoin is trading on nine exchanges at the time of writing. These are Bittrex.com, Poloniex.com, BTer.com, SwissCex.com, C-Cex.com, Cryptsy,com, Atomic-Trade.com, LazyCoins.com, and OneCryex.com. Viacoin has 13 pools at the time of writing. These can be found under “Pools” in the BitcoinTalk.

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